Inari Sushi and Chirashi Sushi

Actually making sushi at home is not as complicated as it may seem, just avoid the nigiri that needs some more skils.

Even in Japan, most families do Inari or Chirashi when cooking at home.


Fish in sashimi quality

Ikura (salmon caviar)

Japanese rice (I used rice from Niigata province)

Sushi vinegar

Ripe Avocado

Inari – Fried Tofu bags

and if you wish to marinate (I did it with part of the King Fish)

4 tbsp Mirin

2 tbsp Soy Sauce

2 tbsp Sake

sesame seeds

and to serve Soy Sauce and Wasabi.

Just cook the rice according instructions. I did 2 cups (japanese size 180 ml) for 2 people in the rice cooker.

When ready I put the rice in a wooden bowl (make sure the wet it before so that the rice cannot stick). Add some drops of vinegar and mix well with a spatula until the rice is shiny and let cool down.

Cut the fish and the avocado in slices or if you wish to marinate in cubes.

If you marinate, mix the 3 ingredients with the sesame seeds and put the fish for 30 minutes in it.

And now you are ready to combine the ingredients. Put rice in the bottom of the bowls and in the bottom of the inari pouches.

Decorate with the ingredients you prefer.




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