I love good food, prime quality ingredients, simple recipes. After receiving complaints from my better half that my dishes kept changing, I decided to write them down.

This blog is my recipe book.

The best cooking book I bought?

The collection of recipes of Ferran Adrià for the employees. 31 menus, starter, main and dessert for less than 10 Euro.

My favourite countries for food? Italy, Spain and Japan

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  1. April Murray says:

    Your blog looks awesome! Can’t wait to try your recipes, I look forward to following you 🙂


    1. battegays says:

      Thanks. Thought that instead of trying to save my recipes on word files or scan them I could make my own online book. Maybe it will take me another 10 years 😉 but is actually fun!


  2. Your ‘About’ says everything after my own heart! Have you live in Japan?


    1. battegays says:

      My boyfriend lived for 1 year in Tokyo and I tried to visit as often as possible.


  3. Bipasha says:

    You have such a nicely organized blog, Sussane, great work with the posts!


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