Quick japanese shrimp soup

Yesterday we were preparing some nice shrimps for the barbecue and we thought it would be a waste to throw away such nice shrimp heads. And here we go, improvised quick recipe!


8 nice shrimp heads

1 piece of kombu

2 tsp of good miso paste (we used a nice, not too strong aka miso – the red one).


if you wish some negi (japanese bunching onion)

Bring to boil around 2 liter of water with the kombu. When it is boiling add the prawn heads.

It will start to make a pink foam on the water, keep skimming it.

Lower the heat, let it simmer at very low fire.

When no more foam comes out, put the miso paste in a bowl, add some cooking water and stir. When it has dissolved, put the it back into the soup.

Keep it for 1 minute at low fire and if you wish you can add some negi (japanese bunching onion).

You are ready to serve.




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