Deep-Fried Eggplants in Dashi Marinade

And another Isakaya dish ;-).


2 small eggplants

some shishito peppers (they are called pimientos del padron in Europe and typical in Spain)

Oil for frying (Sunflower oil)

4 tbsp. soy sauce

4 tbsp. mirin

bonito flakes (a handful)

1 small piece of Kombu Kelp

240 ml water

1 tsp. of chili flakes


First of all, you will have to prepare the Kaeshi. You can do it even the night before.

Just mix the soy sauce, the mirin, the bonito flakes and the kombu and let rest in a tupperware in the fridge. You can keep it up to 3 days.

Take out the Kombu and mix it with water and chili flakes.

Now prepare the eggplants. Cut the stem away and slice them in length. Cut them into 3 x 6 cm slices. Pierce the shishito with a tooth pick (so they wont explode while frying.)

Fry the vegetables in hot oil and transfer to kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil.

Then you can transfer the vegetables in the marinade for about 30 minutes.





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