Shichimi Togarashi – Japanese Medicine

Shichimi Togarashi means actually seven peppers. It is a mix of 7 different spices that was created more than 400 years ago as a Medicine. Yes, you are reading right.

Its content of Red Chili (called Ichimi Togarashi) supports a good blood circulation, alleviates muscle pain and supports digestion and weight loss.

Ground Sansho (japanese pepper) on his side, helps the stomach and the digestive system and on top has an antiinflammatory effect.

Third, zest of Yuzu, kind of a Japanese citrus fruit which is known for the very high content of Vitamin C, helps the human body with cold, fever, headache and stomach aches.

The fourth ingredient is Sesame, rich on Vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, copper and magnesium. Helps preventing Diabetes and Osteoporosis and is ideal for the health of Hearth, Lungs and Skin.

Number five comes Ginger, which is very well known as a natural medicine, which helps digestion, joint pain, nausea, cold and throat ache.

As Six comes Nori, a sort of Algae, rich in Iodine and Iron, important for a good function of the thyroid and the production of red blood cells.

The seventh ingredient may vary according to the producer, it could be hemp seeds, shies or poppy seeds.

It is use as a condiment on soups, gyudon and may other dishes in Japanese and gives a delicious finish.

The original producer, is Yagenbori (やげん堀), a company that still exists and sells its shichimi near the Sensoji temple in Asakusa (in the arcades).

At Yagenbori you can ask the mix you prefer and it will be done for you.

I prefer it spicer and with more yuzu peel 😉

Shichimi Togarashi – Yagenbori
Shichimi Togarashi – Yagenbori Normal and Spicy Bag

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  1. elle says:

    This is really neat! I love shichimi togarashi. It has such a distinct and refined flavour, unlike any other spice. When I’m in Japan, I use it in pretty much everything 😀 I never knew about the medicinal side of it though. That’s pretty fascinating!


    1. I did not neither until I read about the history of it. I love shichimi as well!

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  2. Cathy says:

    Hi there does anyone know where to buy this in NZ?
    Thanks, we have run out.


    1. Dear Cathy, unfortunately I have never been to New Zealand.
      Have you tried in a Japanese specialty shop? When I google I can see there is quite a big chain there, they should carry it. Sometimes it is called Nanami Togarashi (because of its 7 traditional ingredients). Wish you good luck!


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