Penne Stracchino e Gorgonzola

We just came back from holiday and we managed to do some specialities shopping on the way back. In particular some nice Stracchino and some nice Gorgonzola Piccante.

As yesterday the weather was really bad and rainy, what better to combine them in a recipe.


250 gr. Penne (Garofalo)

100 gr. Stracchino

50 gr. Gorgonzola piccante

a bit of milk or cream



a bit of chilli flakes

a pinch of Pimienton de la Vera (at your choice)


Put on boiling water to cook the penne. Add salt and when boiling the pasta (in this case 11 minutes).

In the meanwhile in a pan heat the milk/cream (probably 2-3 tbsp).

Add the stracchino and the gorgonzola bit by bit so that it can melt well.

When all the cheese is melted season with salt, pepper, some chilli flakes and if you want a bit of pimienton de la vera.

When it gets nice and creamy add the cooked pasta and you are ready to serve.




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