Lamb salad with Tzatziki

This is a nice summer dinner.

You may eat the tzatziki as a side salad (like my boyfriend did) or you can use it as a dressing for the salad (as I did).

In the picture you see the different components so anyone can prepare it as he wishes.


For the tzatziki:

180 gr greek yoghurt

2 – 4 garlic cloves (pressed)

1 small salad cucumber (in small cubes)

2 spoons of chopped mint

2 spoons of good olive oil

1 spoon of lemon juice


1 filet of lamb



spicy rub (I used caribbean jerk)

1 bag of mixed salad ready to use

2 small radish

tomatoes (what is available, cut in cubes)


Mix all the ingredients for the tzatziki and keep in the fridge.

In the meanwhile heat a skillet (if you have a grill skillet even better).

Season the lamb with salt, pepper and the spicy rub.

Grill the lamb for 3 minutes per side. As I used a grill skillet I made sure to turn it 90° degrees so that I have a nice pattern on the meat.

When ready let the meat rest for a bit before cutting into slices.

Now you can arrange all your components on a dish.




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