Tuna tartar with guacamole

That’s a great recipe especially when you have a lot of guests as you can prepare it a couple of hours before.

Ingredients for 2 as main course:

250 gr Tuna fillet (Sashimi quality)

3 spoons sesame oil

2 spoons soy sauce

2 spoons rice vinegar

3 spoons roasted sesame seeds

2 small or 1 big avocado

1 lime

2 small san marzano tomatoes

1 bag mix of spices for guacamole

Cut the tuna in small cubes and add the soy sauce, the rice vinegar, the sesame oil and the seeds. Let marinate for a while.

In another bowl put the avocado, the lime juice, the spice together and mix well with a fork until creamy.

Then add the tomatoes cut in cubes.

Use a serving ring to plate, make a base with the tartar and top with the guacamole.




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