Olive Oil – Unique, Greece

2 Weeks ago a friend brought me to a Ticino-Italian wine degustation.

Many different producers, I had mix feelings.

I found some fantastic white wines from Friuli. The producer Livon has brought a selection of excellent wines.

Some may prefer the winner of the tre bicchieri, Collio Friuliano Manditocai.

One of my personal favourite was Malvasia and Solarco.

Then a special wine from Toscana and the Sweet Red Wine from Umbria (official supplier of the Vatican)….

but only one product really blow my mind.

1 Olive oil.

Maybe I have to say that so far I was buying only olive oil from Tuscany, cold pressed and non filtered.

And then I try this olive oil…. GREAT… and they tell me it’s greek…

That moment is followed by my jaw dropping in disbelief… and then a huge smile.

Actually they have an other oil which is organic and has a very fine taste (maybe for steamed fish…), but my favourite is the standard one.

Fruity and round.

This is not the last time we meet my friend….

I still have no clue who sells it, luckily I kept a card of the guys that are selling this beauty.



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