Raised beds, preparation of the new season

Since last week I am preparing for the new season for my raised beds. Well outside there is snow… not really motivating…

So this year I decided that I would like to try to grow some special sorts of vegetables so instead of buying all seedlings, I start to growth my own from Seeds.

In the last year I have been collecting seeds from the plants we had last year and purchased some specialities from Japan and from here (Switzerland).

A special focus goes on the Pro Specie Rara label, a swiss foundation for the conservation of historical, cultural and genetic diversity of animals and plants.

So I started with following:


Asian Eggplant

Early Eggplant


Button Tomato

Cherry Tomato

Datterini Tomato

Black Cherry Tomato Pro Specie Rara

Ampeltomate Himbeerfarbig (raspberry colour hanging small tomatoes) Pro Specie Rara

Tomate Gezahnte (Teeth tomato) Pro Specie Rara

Ox heart tomato Pro Specie Rara

Bern Rose Tomato Pro Specie Rara

Basel region small red tomato Pro Specie Rara

Black Plum tomato Pro Specie Rara


Chili Naga Bhut Jolokia

Cayenne Pepper

Thai Chili


Corno di bue Rosso Pro Specie Rara (Red Horn Paprika)

Shishito Pepper


Kyuri (Japanese Cucumber, small)


Climbing Zucchini Black Forest

plus some herbs


I planted them with different kind of soil (normal soil and special seedling soil) to see if there is any difference.

Temperature is around 22-23 degrees and we have 2 Led lamps to give them enough light.

The left one is a special growing light (Red and blue lamps) and the right one is just cold white light.

In some I have planted too many seeds, but all in all they are coming well 😉

Only the chili need more time…

If you want very good instructions and help about seedling growing and gardening, there is a fellow blogger that has a fantastic site giantveggiegardener


Seedlings with LED lights
Box number 1
Box number 2
First one to sprout was the cucumber
Zucchini is growing very nicely

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