3 tomatoes and asparagus salad

I am currently preparing the seedlings for our garden and got a tomato craving  (I planted 7 different types 😉 , let’s hope they grow well.

Armed with my craving I went tomato shopping and found already different sorts (season has started in Spain and Italy).

I settled for some Merinda, some Datterini and some aromatico.

Merinda is a sicilian tomato, it’s best when you still see some green stripes on it. It’s an ideal choice for salads.

Datterini are similar to cherry tomatoes, but they have a longer shape. The ones I bought are from Sicily as well.

Last but least, some aromaticos. They look a little bigger than Cherry tomatoes and tastier.

Ingredients for 2:

300 gr of mixed tomates (in my case Merinda, Datterini and Aromaticos)

250 gr of green asparagus

Olive oil

salt (fleur de sel)

balsamico vinegar




Just cut the tomatoes in quarters, slices and halfs.

Put some olive oil ( a little less than usual), balsamico, basil, salt and pepper.

Put some olive oil in a skillet (about 2-3 tbsp, a little more than needed) and cook the asparagus until they start to golden.

You can now add your asparagus to the tomato salad and use the rest of the oil for the dressing. He rest of the heat of the oil will release more tomato flavours as well.

Enjoy as a side dish or with some nice slices of bread!


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