Mercat de Valencia Part 2



You can find almost any kind of meat here at the Market.

A little note goes to Beef as first. While beef produces a nice steak, spanish people are sure that an ox steak has even a better taste. From the tags on the meat in the dry aging chamber, you can guess that the animals are slaughtered at a later age than in the rest of Europe. An ox that has reached 7 to 10 years produces a much tastier meat. Like in north of Italy the meat is well aged before eaten. So the next time you will see a Chuleton de Buey on the menu in Spain, don’t hesitate!

Another chapter aside is pork. Spanish are very proud of their Jamones (Hams).

There are different qualities of it, here a little list to understand:

Jamon Serrano: it’s a dry cured ham for about 6 months. The only rule is that the curing happens in Spain.

Jamon de Pata Negra: it’s again a dry cured ham the only different is the race of the pig. This is a “black hoof” spanish pig. In this case the pig is raised and cured in Spain.

Jamon iberico de recebo: Here we have again a spanish black hoof pig which was raised and cured in Spain. The difference is that for the last months of his life he has been fed only with acorn. This will give a special taste to his meat.

Jamon iberico de bellota: This is a spanish black hoof pic, raised and cured in Spain. In this case the pigs have been fed with acorn during their whole life and lived freely in the nature. This is the highest grade of ham you can get. Most cut with the knife only (the machine would heat up too much the fat) it is a delicacy served especially as tapa.

Jamon de bellota can be pretty expensive, not to forget that many other products are done with those pigs, including a big variety of sausages.

Fish and seafood

Fish at the Market
Seafood at the Market


There is a whole section of the Market dedicated to seafood and fish.

The selection is huge, with many specialities which are local. Very famous are the Shrimps from Denia.

It is very interesting to make a tour and see with your eyes what could be your dinner at the restaurant 😉


Cooking pots and accessories

Inside and outside the Market you will find some stores specialized in pots and cooking accessories. Prices are great and you will not spend more than 3-4 Euros for a Paella Pan for 2 people.

Skillets, pots and much more


Enjoy your visit at the Mercat Central de Valencia!


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