Zaru Soba and Hiyayakko


This is a special request from a friend of mine.

This is for me a perfect combination to prepare a quick, healthy and tasty dinner.

Hiyayakko – Cold Tofu

Ingredients for 2:

1 pack of firm tofu

Some Ponzu sauce (it’s a citrus sauce based on Yuzu)

Katsuo Boshi (the bonito flakes)

some spring onion (cut in thing rings)

Just cut the Tofu in cubes, add some spring onion, some Katsuo boshi and some Ponzu sauce on top an you are done!

Zaru Soba

Soba noodles are made of Buckwheat and considered very healthy, low calories and lots of Vitamin E, proteins and minerals.

In this recipe they are served cold, but you can use them in noodle soups as well.

Ingredients for 2:

2 portions soba noodles (150 gr)

1/2 sheet or roasted nori cut in thin strips (seaweed)

150 grs of Daikon

garlic chives (cut in thin rings)

some white sesame

a little bit of wasabi

Tsuyu (dipping sauce) – you can buy it in a bottle or use following ingredients

200ml dashi stock

50 ml soy sauce

50 ml mirin


First of all we prepare the Tsuyu (dipping sauce). Bring to boil the dashi stock, the soy sauce and the mirin. When done let cool done and put in the fridge for a while (can be prepared the day before as well).

Now grate the daikon and put in a strainer to loose excess liquid.

Put a big pot full of water to boil and cook the soba noodles according instructions.

When ready rinse them in cold water for a while. Traditionally they are served on a bamboo basket as in the picture.

Now prepare 1 bowl for each person, add some tsuyu sauce and serve a separate dish with the condiments (daikon, wasabi, chives, nori and sesame).

You can add to the tsuyu a bit of each condiment. Now you can start eating buy taking some noodles and dipping them in the bowl.


Version 2IMG_0515


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