A variation of Penne alla Sorrentina

Pasta alla sorrentina is basically with tomato sauce and some mozzarella added at the end (I put it with switched off fire and leave it for 1 minute to melt). Sorrento is a little bit south of Neapel. Campania, the region is home of the mozzarella.

As I had some Asparagus left I added them.

The nice thing with pasta is that you can use your fantasy 😉


Olive Oil

Garlic cloves pressed (for 2 persons 2 pieces)

6 chopped anchovies

Some Asparagus (add the tips only a couple of minutes later)

1 tin of pelati or chopped tomatoes

Chili flakes


Penne Garofalo


Mozzarella cut in small cubes

The ingredients are in order of use.

Put the oil in a frying pan and add garlic and anchovies. When the garlic gets golden and the Asparagus (the tips only a couple of minutes later).

Add the tomatoes and season.

In the meanwhile cook the pasta in boiling salted water for 11 minutes.

1 minute before the penne are ready switch of the fire below the sauce pan and add the mozzarella.

When the penne are ready put them in the sauce and stir well.




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