Penne with Asparagus

I love green asparagus and it is finally season.

Today Penne with green asparagus.


Penne ( I prefer Garofalo , from Gragnano, south of Napoli)


A tin of chopped tomatos

4 Anchovies


Few drops of Cream


Prepare the asparagus. Cut the tips and then cut the rest in slices.

Put a pan with oil on the fire. Fry the chopped or pressed garlic till gold. Add the anchovies.

Add the slices of Asparagus and let cook for some minutes.

I added pepper, salt and some vegetable stock for some taste.

Then add the tips for a couple of minutes before adding the tomatoes.

Let simmer for some minutes before adding the cream.

In the meanwhile cook the penne in boiling water ( in my case 11 minutes).

Add the penne to the sauce and ready to serve with some parmesan or grana.





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