The right ingredients – Pasta

Yes I know. I was born in Ticino and I am used to italian food quality.

And yes, I am picky on the ingredients. My poor boyfriend has now learned.

You cannot use any tomato for the sauce and not any olive oil is good.

The same is for pasta. Pasta has to be al dente. If it is overcooked it converts to sugar, just doesn’t tast the same.

And every brand has a different taste.

I had the luck to go to Gragnano some years ago. Gragnano is south of Napoli and they are producing Pasta since the 16th Century.

Later they even supply the court of the King of Neapel and since is known to be the home of pasta.

Here in Switzerland we can get Garofalo from Gragnano, just became my favourite.

Do you have any other favourite?


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  1. In total agreement! 🙂


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