This is a recipe from my boyfriend, the Mojito specialist.

Ingredients for 2:
20 gr of brown sugar
3 limes
1 hand of mint leaves
8 cl Rum*
crushed ice
Mineral water.

First of all a little digression on Rum. When I did my holidays in Cuba, I learnt one thing, the young white rum is mostly used only with cocktails.
For a mojito use brown or aged rum.
Today we are using the last bit of Matusalem 12 years from Cuba. This are the factories where Bacardi used to produce before he had to leave the country.
I found a Matusalem in a duty free shop later, but with much disappointment I realised it was from Santo Domingo. You can use any rum, as long as it is aged and smoother in taste.

Take 2 big glass and share the sugar in both. Cut the lime in cube and share in both glasses.
Take a wooden pestel and crash the lime.

Add the crused ice till the top of the glasses and then pour the rum on it.
Add the mint leaves and fill up with mineral water. Enjoy!



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