My Caesar salad

This is a nice summer dish that we love.

Ingredients for 2


1 garlic clove

1 egg yoke

30 gr grated Parmiggiano

4 spoons sunflower oil

1 spoon Sherry vinegar

4 anchovies

1 little spoon dijon mustard

250 gr sliced chicken

piri piri seasoning



First you prepare the salad sauce.

In a blender put the garlic, the anchovies, the mustard and the egg yoke. When the mix is even start to slowly pour the oil while the blender works. Add the vinegar. Pour the mix in a bowl and add the cheese till you have a creamy sauce.

Season well the chicken with the Piri Piri and pan fry it.

In a salad bowl put the salad, the sauce, the chicken and the bread croutons.

Mix well and enjoy!



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