Home made bread

Just decided this morning after breakfast to prepare a bread for tonights dinner. It doesn’t take so much time and there are so many different kinds you can prepare.


400gr Flour

1 cube of fresh yeast or a packet of dry yeast

2 spoons olive oil

1 little spoon of sugar

2 little spoons of salt

200 ml of warm water


Put the flour in a big bowl. Add the yeast in the middle (if you use fresh one remember to dissolve it in warm water) the olive oil, the sugar and the salt. Start to mix it well and slowly pour the water. Knead it using your lower palms of your hands until the mix is even and smooth. Then leave it to rest in the bowl covered with a wet cloth (use warm water). After at least 1 hour or when it has doubled in size you can continue to prepare your bread. Knead it again and shape it how you prefer it.

If you use a traditional oven you can bake it for 45 minuted at 200°C. I had a discussion with mine and he won…. I tried the interval steaming function, 170°C for 45 minutes. And this is the result…



Here another bread I done the day afterwards, almost looked better 🙂




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  1. sabrinamue says:

    I made the same today and it was delicous 🙂 thanks for the recipe


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