Formaggini Ticinesi – Quadratino Stagionato

Very tipical from Ticino are the different ” Formaggini” that traditionally you eat in the “Grotto”.

A Grotto is a Restaurant situated in the mountain, in the forest or a particular nice place that should be fresh in high sommer.

Traditionally only cold food and drinks were served as there they were open only in the summer.

Nowadays, you can find polenta and other more elaborated dishes.

There are different kind of “formaggini”. Cow or goat cheese, very fresh or matured, a selection for every taste.

Normally they are served with Olive Oil, Red Wine vinegar, pepper and salt, the traditional way!

If you want some more information about the basic variety of “formaggini” you may visit the page of Lati, the Ticino Dairy Producer Association!formaggifreschi-en/c15zf .

Today I have a nice Quadratino Stagionato. It is a fresh cheese that has a nice thin skin. It gets very creamy with the ageing and the taste gets stronger the longer it gets aged.

As mine already has a quite strong taste I decide to use Balsamico instead of Red Wine Vinegar. With some grilled Asparagus, special.




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