I love Yakiniku. Yakiniku means grilled meet in Japanese and originally Korean Barbecue was intended. Nowadays a “japanese ” version exists. Blackhole is my favourite place for Yakiniku in Tokyo ( www.iloveyakiniku.com ). As a starter you normally get cabbage salad with a nice dressing.

Mostly beef is served, where you can have different cuts from different beef. Most of the restaurants offer pork or chicken as well.

Lots of vegetables, especially mushrooms, pumpkin, onions are nice. You may order as well Ninniku (garlic). It comes in a little aluminium recipient with oil. I normally do them in the oil and when they are ready a quick stay on the fire to get the “smokey” aroma.

On the wall you always have the special cuts of the day. Depending on the day you will get beef from different regions from Japan. We already got Kobe, Saitama, Kyushu…

Ah, and don’t forget to take the all you can drink. Any beer, highball and soju sour for 2 hours (with so many different tastes… mango, yuzu, ginger…)




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