Lately I have been baking breads much more often. I was quite happy with the result if it was not for the crust.

Few months ago I discovered from an Italian Pizza Master a method I did not know at all. The no knead method (Ale Servidio, unfortunately only in italian). His pizza recipe is fantastic and when I realised he was preparing bread with the same process I thought to give it a try.

I then started to think about the baking process as well, and thought of using the dutch oven.

It was a success! So here I am to share what I did:


500 gr Flour – I love durum so I mostly use it with some wheat

350 ml water (around 30 degrees)

1 fresh yeast cube (you can use some dry yeast instead)

10 gr of Salt

You will need a bowl and a spoon. First put the water and mix the yeast until dissolved.

Then I add the flour and start to mix all ingredients with the spoon. You don’t need to have a perfectly mixed dough, don’t worry. It should look like this:

After mixing the flour with the water

Now you can add the salt and mix with the spoon. Again it just needs to be in the dough. In the subsequent folding it will mix well. Just cover with a plastic film a let it rest for 45 minutes.

Now its is time for the first folding series. If you have a dough card/scraper it is ideal, otherwise you can use you hands (they need to be wet).

At the first time within you bowl flip the sides towards the center. Once you have done it all around you can cover with a film and let rest another 45 minutes.

First folds in the bowl / After the folding

Now it is time to take the dough out of the bowl on your working area. Fold the corners to the middle and then start use your fingers and lift the dough at both sides and let it fold in the middle.


Repeat the folding process a few times on both directions.

Cover with the bowl upside down and let rest for another 45 minutes.

Repeat this process another 2 times.

Now it is time to prepare the final folds. This time put enough flour on your working space and on the dough.

Repeat a few folds, shape it a bit, dust with enough flour and put on a baking sheet for another 30-45 minutes to rest. Make few scores on the top with a sharp knife.

In the meanwhile heat your oven at 230°C with the dutch oven inside. I have a Creuset with 26 cm diameter. Please make sure that your cover knob can be used in the oven.

Once hot take the Creuset out and put the dough with the baking paper in it. Cover with the lid and cook in the oven for 30 minutes. Now it is time to take the lid away and bake for another 18 minutes.

Your bread is ready! Let it cool down well before cutting it.



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