Puerta del Mar Valencia

Puerta del Mar, as the name says, is a seafood specialized restaurant in Valencia.

The variety of seafood you can get in Spain is huge.

Here some of the food we were able to taste.

Bonito and tomato salad

Actually a very simple dish, you just need good ingredients. Like tasty tomatoes, good bonito fillet, onions that are almost sweet and of course, a nice dressing.

Bonito salad


Almejas a la gallega

Almejas are clams. Gallega means a la Galicia style (north-west of Spain).

Probably every family has his own recipe, but basically they are prepared with white wine, onion, garlic, olive oil, bay leaves, a bit of chilli, saffron, pimentón de la Vera, parsley, salt and a bit of flour…. and of course fantastic clams.


Almejas à la gallega

Tataki de Atun Rojo

This is more of a fusion dish… spanish-japanese. Since roughly 5 years, Spanish people have started to enjoy japanese food and even top restaurants are starting to offer fusion dishes. So this niece piece of Red Tuna has been seared only outside, leaving the center raw. It was served with a guacamole, fresh tomato cubes and some tobikko (flying fish eggs). With a soy sauce reduction to give some saltiness, it was absolutely delicious!

Tataki de Atun Rojo


Arroz Meloso de Rape e Langostinos (Creamy rice with monkfish and prawns)

This is a typical Valencian dish. Most of the people only now about the paella, which is dry.

The arroz caldoso on the other side is very wet… here come the arroz meloso which has a creamy texture.

When the dish arrived the whole room was inundated with aromas.

Some of the ingredients are rice, monkfish, shrimps, cuttlefish, green beans, tomato, artichokes, saffron, onions, garlic and olive oil.

Creamy rice with monkfish and prawns
Creamy rice with monkfish and prawns

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