Takamaru, during the day fish trader, in the night great restaurant, Shinjuku, Tokyo

This is a new discovery of my last trip. Looking for a new restaurant to go with friends, I found out about Takamaru.

The quality of the food is exceptional and prices are really good!

The only small problem is that there is now english menu available (only 1 page translated by google…).

How to survive? Just ask for a Sashimi platter (Sashimi Moriawase) and the best dish Maguro Hou Hou (tuna cheeks).

The tuna cheeks are so delicious and they could be mistaken for Wagyu…

And if you feel brave, just show a dish your neighbours are eating!

We visited branch no. 3 (Opposite Nomura Building), but they are all located in Nishi Shinjuku.

7-15-1 NishishinjukuShinjuku




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