Asou – My favourite Isakaya, Kabukicho, Tokyo

Asou (あそう) is a nice Isakaya located at the beginning of Kabukicho. About 150 m from the Prince hotel at the Shinjuku train station. We have been visiting this restaurant since may 2012 and it is a must at every trip to Tokyo.

It is a typical japanese isakaya on three floors and different areas. Rarely you will find foreigners and they have many regulars.

They have a wide variety of dishes. Different sashimi (including Toro and Fugu), Donburi, Grilled skewers (especially with fish and seafood), grilled fishes, shabu shabu and sukiyaki.

A menu with pictures and an english version are available and some of the staff are quite good in english.

A restaurant like this is especially fun with a group of friends!

This time I visited alone as my better half had a dinner with the company. Even though it is a winter dish I craved for a Sukiyaki.

Delicious as always. After a while a regular sitting on my left started chatting with me in japanese and was curious to know more about a foreigner visiting such a restaurant. Thanks to the manager’s assistant who helped me translating we had a fun evening and I got drinks and somamame offer by him!

BTW, a drink which is a must here is a nama grapefruit. Basically a little bit of Shochu, soda water, Ice and they will bring you a fresh half grapefruit that you will have to squeeze and add. (Nama means fresh).

If you have the chance to visit, Enjoy!

1-22-4 Kabukicho, Shinjuku

IMG_0257 IMG_0258


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