Raised beds – the continuation….

I have been quite busy the past months…. I like so much the first raised bed, that I built 7 more.

I planted eggplants, zucchini, hokkaido pumpkin, salads, snack gherkin and lately many japanese seeds.

May it be the position, the irrigation system (a Gardena watering device that automatically starts every 12 hours) or the good quality of the soil in the raised bed, everything has been growing fantastically. Especially salads, gherkin and zucchini were “popping” up.

This month I even planted some seeds, which so far did not give me any success in smaller pots, and everything is sprouting.

Edamame, pak-choi, shiso, japanese spinach and daikon seem to really like this kind of setting.

It is just important that you be careful about which plants you put next to each other.

For example our tomatoes are kept separate as they don’t cope with a lot of other vegetables.

I think that the bigger volume of the raised beds is the key.

So I will not give up (planning some more) and next year I will be planning a little better the planting and the timings.

Here some impressions…

IMG_0020 IMG_0403 IMG_0335 IMG_0460 IMG_0461


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