Raised-bed gardening part 2

Now I finally finished the construction of the raised-bed and placed it in the garden in the right location.

I can start to fill it up with different layers and material.

On the bottom fleece I put some clay ball to make sure no roots will go through.

Now you can fill up with different “rest” materials from the garden. Cut grass, leaves, wood pieces…. I threw in every was ready to be mulched.

Then I added some cheaper bags of earth. Only at the end I added 1 bag of premium earth.

Now you are ready to start to plant. Just be very careful about the combinations…. some plants do not cope at all!

For example Tomato plants cannot be planted with Peas, Cucumbers, Rocket salad…..

To start I will put the Rocket salad, a Habanero Chili and as soon as delivered some mini cucumbers…

Remember to water enough the first time at it will be able to absorb a lot of water.

Here a couple of pictures…

IMG_0042 IMG_0043IMG_0044



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