Asador Donostiarra – Madrid

This is for me a fix stop at every Madrid stop.

It is a restaurant specialised in Chuleton de Buey Basque style.

It is not far from the Football Stadium Santiago Bernabeu. For this reason you will find a lot of pictures on the wall with Real Madrid soccer players and some other famous people. This is pretty typical in Spain, if some VIP’s visited, you will find them on the wall.

Portions are quite big, so be careful when you order 😉

We had some salad with Tuna (cogollos con ventresca)


Some grilled Bell Peppers (Pimientos del piquillo)


Morcilla de Burgos for the ones who likes (a special blood sausage with rice)


Last but not least, the very famous Chuleton de Buey.

A buey is a castrated bull, a very nice tasty meat. The chuleton is basically a huge rib steak.

It is quickly grilled so that all sides are sealed and cut in slices. You will received a special warm “ceramic” dish.

Take the piece of fat which is served with the meat slices and oint the warm dish.

Now you are ready to cook your meat slices at your taste. 

IMG_2147_2 IMG_2146_2


We did not order dessert as we were full, but from the house you will receive a nice lemon sorbet with Cava and some digestives.

Was a really enjoyable evening and we especially enjoyed the service.


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