Regional Swiss Beer – Small Breweries: Doppelleu Chopfab

During the ’90s we saw a lot of concentration in the beer industry and many regional beer brands disappeared.

The beer market was concentrated on a couple of big international brands.

Consumer did not appreciate too much and in recent years a multitude of microbreweries and regional producers appeared.

We do like this kind of smaller producer and mostly buy only swiss regional beer.

One of these is Brewery Doppelleu from Winterthur .

They have 2 brands, the Chopfab and the Doppelleu.

Chopfab offers some more “standard” beers for regular consumption. My absolute favourites are the Lager and the Weizenbier (more like a Bière Blanche d’Alsace).

Doppelleu on his side offers premium beer with special Barrel finish like Oak Wood Red Ale or Whisky finish.

If you have the chance to visit Switzerland I strongly encourage you to try one 😉

Chopfab_Draft_Kombi_500 Doppelleu_WA_Glas_500


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