Ice Tea for the summer

Since I have been to Japan I started to love iced green tea. Every corner of the road you can find vending machines with different kinds of drinks, most of them Sugar Free.

The problem is when you come back to Europe and you buy some ready Ice Tea, it’s too sweet.

So what easier than doing your own one.

I use some Green Tea that a friend from Japan brought us, but you are free to use chinese, thai or any other kind of green tea. Up to your taste.

The most important thing the water temperature.

I use an older Bodum teapot that has a metal filter in the middle. Prepare the tea in the middle (I use about 2-3 spoons for the whole teapot, and you can make tea several times (3-4 pots).

As mentioned before make sure that the water you use is between 70-80°C and not more. Otherwise even the best time gets bitter.

Let it rest for about 3-4 minutes and then transfer in jugs or similar, cool down and transfer to the fridge.

You can even add some mint a couple of minutes before serving.

There is nothing more refreshing than a self made Ice Tea!




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