Berry mini tarts

I do not like to much desserts, but this looked nice to me.


1 box of ready to use mini-tarts

500 gr Strawberries

250 gr Blackberries

100 gr brown sugar

1 non treated lemon

75gr white sugar

250 ml cream

8 gr gelatin

some mint leaves for the decoration


1. In one pan put 250 gr of strawberries, the blackberries, the brown sugar, the zest and the juice of half a lemon. Let cook at low temperature for about 30 min.

2. Mix all the remaining strawberries except 4 pieces you keep on the side for decoration.

3. Let soak the gelatine for 10 minutes in cold water

4. In a little sauce pan put the white sugar, the juice of the half lemon and 2 dl of water. Let boil and then add the gelatine (squeeze out the soaking water) for 2 minutes.

5. Let cool down the gelatine mix and add to the strawberry puree. Mix well and the add the cream you previous whipped cream. Mix carefully until even. Put in the fridge to cool down.

6. Before serving add some of the fruit jam on the bottom of the tarts. Add some mousse on the top and garnish with the strawberries and mint left for decoration.




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