Cucumber Thai Salad


2 bigger or 3 small cucumbers

3 spoons Rice or White wine vinegar

3 spoons of Chili Sauce (or Sweet-Chili)

1 big red onion or 3 small ones.

Fresh coriander

2 spoons of roasted garlic

1 Chili

2 spoons of fish sauce

2 spoons of sugar

100 gr of roasted peanuts

Half the cucumbers through the length and take out the seed with a spoon.

Then cut in small pieces.

Cut the Onions in half/quarter rings and add to the cucumber.

Mix well the vinegar with the sugar. Add the Chili sauce and the fresh chopped coriander to the cucumber. Mix well and let rest at least for 45 min.

Fry the garlic chopped in thin slices in a pan without oil till roasted.

Do the same with the peanuts you previously crashed in a mortar.

Add both to the salad with the chopped chill and the fish sauce.

After mixing well taste. You may want to add some lime juice, more chill or more fish sauce. Enjoy!







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