Spicy Kale with Mackerel

I love the combination of spicy vegetables with fatty fish.

Ingredients for 2:

300 gr of sliced kale leaves

4 thai chili, chopped

4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced

sunflower seeds oil

1 teaspoon soya sauce

1 teaspoon fish sauce

2 spoon oyster sauce

2-3 Mackerel Fillets



Heat some oil in a wok and put garlic and chili to gold.

Add the kale and stir until everything is well mixed.

Add soya sauce, fish sauce and oyster sauce.

Mix well again until everything is nicely coated. Turn down the temperature to medium and cover with a lid. Let cook until the kale is of an emerald green and soft.

In the same time add some oil in a pan and fry the mackerel fillets previously salted and peppered on the skin side. Leave them for about 3 minutes and when almost done, turn them for 1 last minute.

You are ready to serve, best with some rice.



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  1. Amber says:

    I’m new to eating kale. I’ve been making it into salads, exclusively, so far. I am inspired to try cooking it now!

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    1. I discovered recently as well that it is delicious as a stir fry

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